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Player of the year - 2006/2007

Division 1

NameClub% ScoredPointsGames
Edmund PlayerBury Cannons84.61113
Kevin ClarkLinton83.312.515
Ben MorganLinton83.31012
Martyn GoodgerEly Beet76.711.515
Mike TaylorBury Cannons69.2913
Paul KempLinton68.27.511

Division 2

NameClub% ScoredPointsGames
Ashley StewartCambridge City80.614.518
Richard NewmanCambridge City78.61114
Andy DavisonEly Beet76.711.515
Chris DavisonCambridge City7516.522
Stephen PrideCambridge City69.412.518
Mike AngelEly Beet69.2913
Scitt TaylorBury Cannons66.71218
Alan BaileyCambridge City65.610.516