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Autumn Report


Division 1
Match: 25Tue 03 Nov 2015Linton A4 - 1Cambridge Oddfellows
Board: 1David Coleman 210½ - ½Chris Davison 179
Board: 2Kevin Clark 1981 - 0John Daugman 170
Board: 3Liam Varnam 191½ - ½Norman Hutchinson 165
Board: 4Ashley Stewart 1871 - 0Richard Newman 138
Match: 27Wed 04 Nov 2015Cambridge Examiners4 - 1Bury Scarabs
Board: 1Richard Tozer 2150 - 1Mike Harris 201
Board: 2Francisco Garcia-Mendoza 2001 - 0John Peters 177
Board: 3Akito Oyama 2041 - 0John Feavyour 169
Board: 4Rob McCorry 1821 - 0Andrew Shephard 155
Match: 32Wed 18 Nov 2015Cambridge Oddfellows3.5 - 1.5Cambridge Choristers
Board: 1John Daugman 1700 - 1Francisco Garcia-Mendoza 200
Board: 2Rodrigo Chaves-Alcoba 1751 - 0Rob McCorry 182
Board: 3Ole Bay-Petersen 1571 - 0Philip Fallon 180
Board: 4Richard Newman 138½ - ½Chris Davison 179
Match: 33Thu 19 Nov 2015Bury Scorpions1 - 4Linton A
Board: 1Graham Moore 200½ - ½David Coleman 210
Board: 2Stephen Gregory 1900 - 1Kevin Clark 198
Board: 3Ian Wallis 1890 - 1Ashley Stewart 187
Board: 4Tim Lunn 175½ - ½Paul Kemp 193

A top of the table tussle saw Linton A appear victorious, however both teams have a game in hand, and Choisters also with a game inhand are only a couple of points behind, the real position will only become apparent over the next few games between now and Christmas.

Division 2
Match: 24Mon 02 Nov 2015Ely Beet Bishops1 - 4Bury Cobras
Board: 1Mark Szymanski 1590 - 1Jon L Collins 160
Board: 2Richard Donaghay 1491 - 0Steve Lovell 150
Board: 3Mike Tuplin 1400 - 1Bob (L) Jones 140
Board: 4Steve Ashworth 1390 - 1Colin Roberts 135
Match: 61Tue 10 Nov 2015Linton Blacks3.5 - 1.5Ely Beet Bishops
Board: 1Paul Kemp 1930 - 1Mark Szymanski 159
Board: 2Martin Pinner 160½ - ½Richard Donaghay 149
Board: 3Patrick Ribbands 1501 - 0Mike Tuplin 140
Board: 4Simon Cage 1321 - 0Steve Ashworth 139
Match: 30Mon 16 Nov 2015Newmarket Stallions3.5 - 1.5Bury Vipers
Board: 1Charles Richmond 1391 - 0Steve Lovell 150
Board: 2Fraser Jones 125½ - ½Adam Harvey 142
Board: 3Mike Angel 125½ - ½Laurie Pott 139
Board: 4Frank Morgan 91½ - ½Dick Myhill 121
Match: 31Tue 17 Nov 2015Linton Blacks4 - 1Cambridge Academicals
Board: 1Paul Kemp 1931 - 0Gert de Block 152
Board: 2Martin Pinner 1601 - 0David Cattermole 150
Board: 3Patrick Ribbands 150½ - ½Stephen Pride 145
Board: 4Giulo Sahinoz 96½ - ½Tom Bramley 122
Match: 34Thu 19 Nov 2015Bury Cobras2 - 2Cambridge Dons
Board: 1Mark Le-Vine 183½ - ½Norman Hutchinson 165
Board: 2Jon L Collins 160½ - ½Ben Tarlow 156
Board: 3Alan Watkins 1411 - 0David Short 128
Board: 4Bob (L) Jones 1400 - 1Tom Smith 121

That Linton have a dominant position in the league is clear, although the relative position all the way from the 2nd to 2nd bottom position isnt clear with different amounts of games in hand. Newmarket have a bottom of the table clash coming up with Ely. Most of the games remain tight with only the odd game swinging the matches.

Mark Szymanskis season seems an interesting one to follow with notable victories, mainly in the Roger Goldsmith, but one here in division two in November.

Division 3
Match: 26Tue 03 Nov 2015Stowmarket3.5 - 1.5Cambridge Gowns
Board: 1Alex Sheerin 1371 - 0Roberto Dominguez-Vasquez 120
Board: 2Mark Bettley 124½ - ½John Cooper 119
Board: 3Vicky Allen 1111 - 0 (default) Default 0
Board: 4Ray Firman 840 - 1Charles Geach 100
Match: 28Thu 05 Nov 2015Bury E1 - 4Linton Whites
Board: 1Adam Harvey 1420 - 1Dave Dowson 101
Board: 2Dave Clark 960 - 1Giulo Sahinoz 96
Board: 3Emile Kosviner 801 - 0George Evangeli 85
Board: 4David Clark 280 - 1Lorenzo Sahinoz 37
Match: 29Thu 05 Nov 2015Bury F2 - 2Bury G
Board: 1Bob (L) Jones 1400 - 1Adam John 93
Board: 2William Moody 961 - 0Mario Saenz de Villaverde 81
Board: 3Robert Scott 621 - 0Aaron Saenz de Villaverde 72
Board: 4Fraser Fallows 680 - 1Alwin Jose 50

A top of the table clash sees Linton dominating Division 3 as well, close games elsewhere leave most of the teams on similar points, but Bury E remain in contact and strong wins elsewhere could still bring them level again by Christmas.

Some notable wins have gone against grading expectations in this division including Adam John of Bury G, and Dave Dowson of Linton.

A game from the Roger Goldsmith

(6) Tarlow,Ben (156) - Richmond,Charles (139) [B01]

Roger Goldsmith board 2 Cambridge Porters vs Fen Thoroughbreds, 11.11.2015

[Fritz 12 (30s)]

B01: Scandinavian Defence 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.Bc4 last book move 4...e6 Prevents intrusion on d5 [4...Nf6 5.Nf3] 5.d3 [5.Nf3 Nf6] 5...c6 Consolidates b5+d5 [5...Nf6 6.Nf3] 6.Qe2 Nf6 7.f4 [7.Bd2 Qc7] 7...Be7 8.Nf3 00 9.Bd2 Re8 10.Nd5

An interesting variant of Qxd2+ was suggested try playing white and things actually get quite hairy!

[10.a4 Nbd7] 10...Qd8 [10...Qxd2+! would keep Black in the game 11.Qxd2 exd5= 12.c3] 11.Nxe7+ Qxe7 12.000 [12.d4] 12...b5= 13.Bb3 a5 Black prepares b4 14.a3 a4 Black threatens to win material: a4xb3 15.Ba2 c5 16.Qe1 [16.g4!? is a viable option 16...Bb7 17.Rhe1=] 16...Nc6 17.c3 b4 [17...Bb7 18.Kb1] 18.Ne5? [18.cxb4!? is an interesting idea 18...cxb4 19.Bxb4 Nxb4 20.Qxb4 Qxb4 21.axb4] 18...bxa3 19.Nxc6 Qb7 20.bxa3 Qxc6 21.Rg1? [21.Qg3 Bb7] 21...Rd8[21...Rb8!? 22.c4 e5 23.Bc3+] 22.Kc2 [22.c4 Rxd3 23.Bc3 Rxd1+ 24.Qxd1 Bb7] 22...Ba6 [22...Rb8 23.c4 e5 24.fxe5 Ng4] 23.Bc1? [23.c4] 23...c4+ 24.d4 Nd5 [24...Rab8 and Black can already relax 25.Rd2+] 25.g4 Rab8 26.f5? [26.Qd2+] 26...exf5 27.gxf5 Re8

Is the first serious mistake black makes what should Charles have done.. (Click here)

Ans [27...Bc8 and the result of the game is clear: Black will win 28.Qf2 Rb5+] 28.Qg3 Re2+??

simply marches past the door to victory [28...Qf6 29.Kd2 Ne3] 29.Bd2+- Ne3+ [29...g6 hardly improves anything 30.Qxb8+ Re8 31.Qg3+-] 30.Kc1 Nxf5 31.Qxb8+ Bc8 [31...Re8 doesn't get the bull off the ice 32.Qf4 Qd7 33.Bb1+-] 32.Rde1 Nxd4 [32...Rxe1+ what else? 33.Rxe1 g6+-] 33.cxd4 Rxh2 [33...Rxh2 34.Qc7! Mate attack 34...h6 35.Qxc6 Kh7 36.Bb1+ Bf5 37.Bxf5+ g6 38.Bxg6+ Kg7 39.Bh5+ Rg2 40.Rxg2+ Kh8 41.Qxh6#] 10

Charles Richmond
BACL Press Secretary