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Week 1 Roger Goldsmith

This week saw the first round of the Roger Goldsmith competition. Last season saw a very tight competition, however this season has started with three clear victories. Two of the victories were within clubs as Bury Abbey beat Bury Beehive, and Cambridge Porters beat Cambridge Masters. Both results going with the stronger graded teams.

Match: 1001Mon 12 Oct 2015Fen Thoroughbreds1 - 3Cambridge Students
Board: 1Mark Szymanski 1591 - 0B Buisman 196
Board: 2Charles Richmond 1390 - 1Tristian See 146
Board: 3Fraser Jones 1250 - 1Austin See 135
Board: 4 Default 00 - 1 (default)Jim Clarke 100
Match: 1002Wed 14 Oct 2015Cambridge Masters1 - 3Cambridge Porters
Board: 1David Cattermole 1500 - 1John Daugman 170
Board: 2Stephen Pride 1450 - 1Ole Bay-Petersen 157
Board: 3Stan Bazyk 1280 - 1Richard Newman 138
Board: 4Zac Warner 1001 - 0Charles Geach 100
Match: 1003Thu 15 Oct 2015Bury Abbey3 - 1Bury Beehive
Board: 1Mike Harris 2011 - 0Steve Lovell 150
Board: 2Bob (L) Jones 1401 - 0Zac Vane 108
Board: 3Colin Roberts 1351 - 0Hugo Smith 101
Board: 4Patrick Gembis 1020 - 1Fraser Fallows 68
Bury Abbey 11003
Cambridge Porters 11003
Cambridge Students 11003
Fen Thoroughbreds 10011
Cambridge Masters 10011
Bury Beehive 10011

Fen Thoroughbreds gave the initiative to Cambridge Students by defaulting a board however did get an unusual reversal in their one victory recorded below, commentary kindly given by Mark…

[Event "Roger Goldsmith D1"]
[Site "Newmarket"]
[Date "2015.10.12"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Buisman, B."]
[Black "Szymanski, M."]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B14"]
[EventDate "12/10/2015]
[WhiteTeam "Cambridge Students"]
[BlackTeam "Fen Thoroughbreds"]

1. e4 {Bert and I were both surprised to see each other at this game. I had been hoping for someone nearer my grading, but Cambridge were using their point allocation to the full. Luckily for me Bert had an off night...} c6 2. c4 d5 3. exd5 cxd5 4. d4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. c5 $5 {tricky move; in my time I have lost from this sort of position with both colours! I decided to try to castle before playing ...Nc6 and so be able to preserve my knight} Bg7 7. Bb5+ Bd7 8. Bxd7+ Qxd7 {with the light squared bishops gone, I'm a lot happier; my engine reckons this position is equal}
9. Nf3 Nc6 {I felt that my queen was awkward and my queen-side vulnerable. But I decided White has no direct threat yet so continued to develop and centralise.} (9... Ne4 {is an interesting move in the database})
10. O-O O-O 11. Re1 Rad8 12. Bg5 h6 13. Bxf6 Bxf6 14. Rb1 {so here we are: White is going to expand on the queen-side; Black needs to break in the centre; which is better?} Rfe8 {after some thought I decided it was more important for me to get on with my break move and let the queen-side take care of itself...}
15. Qd2 Kg7 16. Rbd1 {... and it seems Bert agreed that the centre was more important} ({after} 16. b4 {I would have played} e5) 16... Qf5 17. Qd3 Qh5 (17... Qxd3 {not sure why I avoided the queen exchange...} 18. Rxd3 e5 {looks ok to me, and the sort of position I had been heading for})
18. Ne2 e5 {at last} 19. Ng3 Qg4 20. dxe5 Nxe5 21. Nxe5 Bxe5 22. Qb5 Qc8 23. b4 Qc6 24. Qd3 a6 25. Ne2 (25. Nf5+ $5 {my engine comes up with this but I don't think I need to take} Kh7 (25... gxf5 26. Rxe5 Rxe5 27. Qg3+ Kf6 28. Qh4+)) 25... Qa4 26. Qb3 Qxb3 {I was glad to cripple white's queen-side pawns} 27. axb3 Kf6 28. Kf1 h5 29. Nc1 Bc3 30. Rxe8 Rxe8 31. Na2 d4 32. Rc1 (32. Nxc3 {was what I had expected when we get a rook ending} dxc3 33. Rc1 Re4 34. Rxc3 Rxb4 {this ought to be a draw}) 32... Re4
33. f3 Re3 34. Kf2 Rd3 35. Rc2 Re3 36. Rxc3 $2 {my engine gives +/- for this; I calculated that I could get my king amongst his king-side pawns} Rxc3 37. Nxc3 dxc3 38. Ke3 Ke5 39. Kd3 c2 (39... Kf4 $2 {was my original idea; luckily I checked and realised it failed}
40. Kxc3 Ke3 41. Kc4 Kf2 42. b5 axb5+ 43. Kxb5 Kxg2 44. Kb6 Kxh2 45. Kxb7 Kg2) 40. Kxc2 Kd4 41. Kd2 h4 {building up reserve tempi with my pawns so that I can maintain the opposition; by now my engine realises Black is winning} 42. g3 g5 43. g4 h3 44. f4 gxf4 45. Ke2 Ke4 (45... Kc3 {also wins}) 46. Kf2 f6 47. Ke2 f3+ 48. Kf2 Kf4 0-1

Fritz spotted 33. F3 as the turning point of the game – what should white have played? (Click here)